Comprehensive Strategies

Sitton serves as our clients’ strategy partner, helping each client develop comprehensive strategies to deliver maximum return-on-investments in their facilities. Together, we develop various strategy roadmaps, and hold quarterly strategy sessions to review progress.

This unique process involves the application of the following tools to establish a strategic roadmap, plan its implementation, and effectively execute it to deliver the maximum return-on-investment.

The Strategy Builder™ — a streamlined process of establishing goals and a strategic roadmap to optimize facility performance.

The Implementation Planner™ —specific solutions to optimize every aspect of building performance and maximize return-on-investment.

The Execution Maximizer™ — the execution, implementation, and continuous support of projects to ensure expected results.

The core strategies we help our clients develop and implement are listed below.

Comprehensive Energy Strategy™ (CES™)

Sitton’s Comprehensive Energy Strategy™ (CES™) optimizes every aspect of building performance. The CES™ is a beginning to end process including strategy, planning, and execution used to transform our clients’ facilities. Through our CES™ process, your facilities will attain immediate energy savings, the highest return on investments, and overall increases in occupant satisfaction.

Facility Optimization Strategy™ (FOS™)

Sitton’s Facility Optimization Strategy™ (FOS™) is a process that we created to help buildings become and stay more energy efficient. Our process starts by optimizing the existing facilities by way of retro-commissioning (RCx) and utility analytics. From there, we optimize all new projects with the use of commissioning (Cx). Then, we sustain energy efficiency with monitoring-based commissioning (MBCx).
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