Hospital Sisters Health System Partnership

Since 2013, Sitton has facilitated the development and implementation of strategic energy management for Hospital Sisters Health System (HSHS). We have handled 14 projects in 31 HSHS facilities, yielding high savings, utility incentives, and payback savings in less than one year. Our work at their facilities also led to increases in occupant comfort, health, and productivity while cutting their greenhouse emissions exponentially.

 Return on Investment (ROI)

Annual Savings        $1,328,738

Utility Incentives     $1,418,083

Payback Period         0.61 Years



Projected greenhouse gas emissions reduced annually:

21,801,087 lbs. of CO2           

This is equivalent to:

CO2 from 1,068 home’s energy use for one year, or greenhouse gas emissions from 2,118 passenger vehicles driven for one year, or the carbon sequestered by 256,280 tree seedlings grown for 10 years.

Additional Benefits

Operation and maintenance savings

Increases in occupant comfort, health, and productivity