Sitton Construction Group’s Tenets of Project Delivery©

Sitton Construction Group professionals live by the following tenets as we independently advise our clients on how to deliver capital projects at lower cost and higher value.

  • There are costs and risks to an owner for managing a design and construction project no matter which delivery method is chosen, but the costs and risks can be mitigated through strong, independent management.
  • Each owner and each project have characteristics that impact project delivery.
  • Every delivery method has its advantages and disadvantages, and has succeeded in some cases and failed to meet expectations in others.
  • An assessment by an independent professional should be done at the beginning of a project to determine which project delivery method is best for that specific owner and project.
  • The method chosen should then be customized to minimize the cost incurred, allocate and mitigate the risk, and maximize the value gained.
  • The key to success using any project delivery method is selecting the best team – design, construction, consultants, etc –  and the best manager to independently manage that entire team and its delivery of the project.